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AC/DC’s World Tour is Truly ‘Rock or Bust’

Australian rock legends AC/DC take to the stage again to support their 15th international studio album, ‘Rock or Bust’. Originally just rumors at the album’s November the release, the band has confirmed that its world tour will start May 5th, 2015.

The Young brothers first started AC/DC in 1973, but the band became an international hit in the 1980s with ‘Back in Black’. Since then, they have sold over 200 million records, becoming one of the most iconic bands of all time. Their previous tour, ‘Black Ice World Tour’, went down in history as the fourth highest grossing tour of all time.


AC/DC’s first album since 2008’s ‘Black Ice’, ‘Rock or Bust’, marks the band’s first album without guitarist Malcolm Young. When he was taken ill back in April 2014, many fans wondered if the band would dissolve. Lead singer Brian Johnson was determined to keep the band together, recruiting Malcolm’s nephew, Stevie Young, to temporarily replace him for an experimental recording session that May. Stevie Young had previously covered for his uncle back in 1988 during the ‘Blow Up Your Video World Tour’. Many fans said they didn’t even realize Malcolm was missing because Stevie’s play style and looks were so similar. Sadly, in September doctors announced that Malcolm would not be returning to the band.

The May recording session in Vancouver did yield results, though the band struggled creatively without Malcom. Brian Johnson even considered naming the upcoming album ‘Man Down’ but felt it reflected too negatively on Malcolm’s situation. The first single, ‘Play Ball’, was released October 7, further hyped by its inclusion in a trailer for MLB postseason coverage. The second single, ‘Rock or Bust’, was officially released November 17, though an upload error caused it to be uploaded instead of ‘Play Ball’ in October. Shortly before its release, drummer Phil Rudd was accused of drug possession and former band mate Chris Slade took his place.

All things considered, it’s obvious why the album and subsequent tour is named ‘Rock or Bust’. Lead singer Brian Johnson and lead guitarist Angus Young seem determined to bring AC/DC to the world for its 40th anniversary. Long time bassist Cliff Williams is also set for the tour. The album has since performed well, debuting at number three on Billboard’s 200 in the US and number one in Canada. As of January 22, the album went gold. Fans seem unanimously satisfied with the release though it is their shortest album ever, clocking at only 35 minutes long.

The upcoming tour is already off to an explosive start. German fans have set a new world record, selling out 300,000 tickets in just under 77 minutes. Tour dates for Glasgow, London, Dublin, Zurich, Hannover, Koln, Nuremberg, Hockenheim, Roskide, Madrid and Arnhem are already sold out completely. Some of these tickets are showing up on secondary markets like eBay with a 200% inflation. For American fans, the 13 dates in August through September mark the band’s first stateside appearance since 2010 and are sure to go fast. Get your chance to see the legends live. Get your AC/DC tickets now!



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