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Dawn Richards Drops Artwork To “Valkyrie”


A few days after unveiling the cover art to “Judith”, Dawn Richards drops the artwork to “Valkyrie” off of her upcoming album Blackheart. The singer is allowing fans to vote on the lead single to the new album online.

For the “Valkyrie” cover, Dawn rocks antlers and a gold mask on her head in striking photo shot by Solmax Saberi. The track was written by the singer and produced by Noisecastle III. “I wanted a record that was packed with confidence,  a sort of cocky reminder that you will remember my mark,” said the former Danity Kane member. “In Norse mythology, valkyries also known as choosers of the fallen, decided the fate of soldiers in battle once they died.”

She continued, ” I thought the impression and mark they left on soldier’s life was incredible.” Dawn uses this album as her mark on the world. “‘In the end you will remember me’ is what I felt they said as they chose the soldier’s fate. I want to leave the same imprint with my art and my music. In the artwork, the horns signify the bravery, strength, and power that existed in the valkyries.

Among the Danity Kane rumors, their official website has been updated to show a countdown, which ends on the exact day and time as the MTV Video Music Awards. What do they have up their sleeves?


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