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Ha Phuong International Musician Turned Actress

Ha Phuong Spotted in New York

Ha Phuong International Music Artist

Ha Phuong was born into a family with a long artistic tradition as well as talent and ambition. Her father is musician Tran Quang Hien. In time, she, along with her two sisters Cam Ly and Minh Tuyet, became famous singers of contemporary Vietnamese music, separately and together.
From an early age, while growing up in Ho Chi Minh City (formerly Saigon), Vietnam’s largest and most bustling city – which set the cultural and economic pace for the country – Ha Phuong learned to dance and sing. She participated in the school, city, county, and culture center events and also performed throughout Europe. Along with live performances she has recorded many videos and albums, and her DVDs and CDs have consistently sold well, and continue to do so today, even though she no longer lives in Vietnam.
Ha Phuong

Musician Turned Actress

As if becoming a singing star was not enough, Ha Phuong added actress to her resume, always dazzling her audiences and legions of fans with her numerous traditional and contemporary theater and movie roles.
 The winner of many prestigeous awards, Ha Phuong was a finalist in a national television competition in 1991. Additionally, the movie “Ha Si Quan” (Officer Cadet), in which she starred, won second prize in film festivals nationwide. In the United States, Ha Phuong collaborated with the Gioi Nghe Thuat Productions, Asia Entertainment, and Thuy Nga Productions.




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