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Jay-Z Tears Down The United Center Yet Again – Review

God is so real. Happiness is achievable, and Daniel at the United Center is a ride or die.

jay-Z at the united center

This concert was days ago. Thursday January 9th, 2014. I have sat down & tried to write this review since I got back to Indianapolis from Chicago at 4am on Friday. I know I’m dramatic (OBVI!) but I have not been able to find the words to express how The Magna Carter Holy Grail World Tour has taken my soul, flipped it upside and inside out, formed into a Rocafella diamond, and blew the hell up in front of my own two eyes.

So listen to this…

Originally, my sister & I had GOOD tickets. Section 4, row 20, on the floor. GOOD seats, no complaints at all. When we got situated in our seats we realize, oh shit sis.. We’re right next to the soundboards. Next thing you know, we call the security guy over. Let me tell you, it was decided right then & there if Beyoncé was in this bitch, OH WE WERE GONNA MEET HER TONIGHT GIRL.

“Hey, so if Beyoncé was here, where would she be sitting? We’re not asking because WE care, we’re just asking for a friend”

The security guy, whose name was Daniel Vargas… peep the name tag, laughed. I guess he thought this was a joke.

“Daniel,” I said, “How long until the show starts can we move up into those empty seats up there?”

“I can’t tell you you can do that guys.”

: Insert eye rolls here because that’s THE same shit that the lil wavy light skin boy told me at the Watch The Throne Tour & I was in the front row by the second song. Don’t feed me this bs Daniel:

“I know Kate,” says my sister. “Kate: insert Kate’s last name here, I don’t know her so I don’t want to put her government out there just incase the feds are watching:”


So Kate is some chick that my sister went to school with & used to work at The United Center, and come to find out Daniel was Kate’s boss.

La La La, we’re talking to Daniel, I’m telling him how Jay Z is my favorite person ever in life, we drove all the way from Indianapolis, and have to drive back home right after the show. We smile and laugh, and he says…

“I’ll be right back…”

Yeah okay, whatever, bye, nice talking to you Daniel you aren’t helping me rap with Jay or meet Bey so BYE FOOL.

30 minutes later, 15 minutes before the show starts, here comes some lady in my face like,

“Here put on these wristbands, and go towards the front, you can have whatever seats are—-“ I didn’t even let miss lady finish her sentence, I slapped the wristband around my wrist, grabbed my shit, left my sister in the dust, and made my way to the front of that mf.

Sitting there, waiting, just looking like two shiny diamonds… two empty seats…





I have never been more speechless in my entire 23, almost 24 years of life.

image (1)


Turn my music high, high, high, higherrrrr


Jay started the show with U Don’t Know, which is probably my favorite Jay song ever. (Other than Justify My Thug) I don’t have anything witty, or insightful to say other than this was the best night of my life.

Jay had just a simple set. It really shows you the difference between him and, say, Kanye. Kanye has all the extras, Jay just did his thing. He performed Crown, Holy Grail, Beach is Better (OMG!), Somewhere in America, Picasso, & Tom Ford from MCHG.

The old songs were the best though. Izzo, U Don’t Know, Big Pimpin, Dead Presidents II (he didn’t have to do that to me!), Hard Knock Life, Empire State of Mind. Can I Live (I COULDN’T LIVE!), Clique, Jigga What, Jigga Who. It was no doubt the best concert I have ever seen in my life.

upload me

Some girl, Monique I think her name was… tragic really, had a sign that said she rapped with Jay on that same stage three years ago, I don’t know, some shit, so he brought her on stage. She didn’t brush her hair, she didn’t match, I don’t know. I just feel like, she said she was trying to get signed; I would’ve had my hair laid to the Gods. She was cute though, she rapped some little baby bars. I can pretty much bet she isn’t getting signed off of what she rapped on that stage. But I’m not hating on you Mo Mo, get your life & get your dreams! But at the end of her five-minute rap about, what I’m not sure, she said… “Swag.”

You blew it, sorry lil mama.

Timberland was the dj of the night. He did a small set featuring some Aaliyah, and Missy songs, and then he played his new song.. It was good, but I wasn’t interested at the moment, so I can’t tell you about it honestly.

The highlight of the whole show for me was “Encore.” Which is my second favorite Jay song. When I tell you, the feeling of having your favorite rapper (person in general) look you in your eyes and rap the second verse of your favorite song with you… like hand motions together, and everything. He felt that shit! I felt that shit! We had our moment & I just need to know, who YOU KNOW fresher than HOV? MF TELL ME! TELL ME IF YOU KNOW, BECAUSE I DON’T KNOW. My soul exploded. My sister grabbed me like, “bitch.. did that just… happen?” I said, “bitch… I don’t know… I think so… I think, I don’t…bitch.” Yeah, it happened, and my life has honestly changed from it & I will never be the same.

He ended with “Forever Young.” ( Same as at Legends of the summer ) It was all so beautiful. Blessings.

What else can I say about Jay? He gets busy.

Four things I’ve learned from the MCHG World Tour.

1.     Don’t ever question God’s blessings.

2.     Jay Z is the best rapper alive. He’s supposed to be number one on everybody’s list.

3.     Fuck with me, you know I got it.

4.     If you ever get the chance to see Jay live.. DO IT.

5.   How the HELL did this shit happen?

Instagram @youngqueenlindsey for videos of Jay-Z tearing it down.


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