get-right-or-get-leftThere’s gotta be something in the water in Mississippi. I remember when David Banner first came out and the great music he was making, his style felt like a breathe of fresh air because everyone else was doing the same old two step. So to speak. That warm fuzzy feeling that I felt for David Banner’s music is how I feel about Lostarr’s all new GET RIGHT OR GET LEFT mixtape that I honestly just happened to stumble on. A day ago I never knew he even existed and today I think I’m his number one fan, and i haven’t even finished listening to the whole mixtape. As I write this song number 12, “All My Love” featuring P.O.E and Big Sant, is playing in my headphones and I like it. It’s a street love track that feels original.

The concept isn’t anything new in hip-hop because countless rappers rap about having a down chick holding them down. Matter fact it’s safe almost all of them have. But these 3 artists did it in a way that felt new to me. Authentic even. Yea they’re from the streets but that doesn’t mean they don’t know what Love is. Feel me? If not then you’re not real to me. So, as song number 13 plays, i wonder if I’ll even finish this mixtape today or will I constantly be replaying almost every song on the mixtape over and over again like an endless loop…..I don’t know. But truth is I also don’t even care.

The music is good enough to the point where I’m ready for it to all come. Song 14, “Running” featuring Tony Skees, Rocko, just started blasting through my headphones and it’s got me feeling like a Gladitor or standing next to King Leonidus about to go fight some spartans. Modern day warriors. The beat got me feeling that way by the way, it’s that good. I already know im probably going to run this back more than 5 times, but probably a lot more. I haven’t even got to the rapping. Stunning. Young Scooter is a young street legend and i see why! The homey spit a verse so flithy that I was cheering for him by the end, hoping he stacks up enough money by his court date. You’ll see what I mean when you hear the song. ROCKO IS ON THE TRACK TOO! I completely forgot about that. The song is so good i forgot Rocko, ANOTHER CERTIFIED STREET LEGEND, was on the track too!

Now, understand something. Understand what type of boss you have to be to get Rocko, Young Scooter, and Tony Skees to commit to doing a song with you. THESE GUYS ARE BOSSES! They ain’t sitting around waiting for you to call wishing on their lucky star that one day you'[d come running. But Lostarr got all these busy men to lend him their time. If he messed it up they coulda lost MILLIONS! Instead he put together a hit track and then kept running like it ain’t nothing. Clap for him, and then download the mixtape and experience it for yourself.



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